"vArmour enables us to separate regulated, business-critical applications from non-regulated applications across our virtual and physical environments using a single platform. We can quickly adapt our segmentation strategy to changing security and regulatory requirements without network redesigns."

Global Chief Network Engineer
$700B Multinational Bank

Leading Multinational Bank Implements Microsegmentation to meet SWIFT Compliance Requirements

This multinational bank ranks among the largest 50 banks in the world with $700B in assets and over 23 million customers. In preparation for new regulations from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), the bank required new security controls to isolate regulated applications across their IT environment. As one of 11,000 financial institutions relying on the SWIFT network to send and receive information about financial transactions, the bank is subject to SWIFT’s Customer Security Program mandatory control guidelines. These requirements outline a number of security objectives, including mandatory segmentation to safeguard local SWIFT environments from the broader enterprise and external environment. To address this requirement, the bank’s network team began evaluating solutions that would provide application-level segmentation controls to isolate their SWIFT application stack, which is running on a combination of virtual and legacy physical infrastructure. In addition to providing the required microsegmentation controls across both environments, the ideal solution would have to insert seamlessly without any network redesign, would not add operational complexity by using agents, and would integrate with the secure network access platform already in place. After evaluating solutions from vendors large and small, the bank chose the vArmour Distributed Security System to provide the microsegmentation controls needed for SWIFT compliance. Unlike other vendors, vArmour’s unique approach allowed them to enforce microsegmentation across both physical and virtual environments with a single system. Furthermore, as the only vendor focused exclusively on microsegmentation, vArmour’s product team was accessible by the customer’s leadership team to provide feedback and influence product roadmap to support the bank’s ongoing requirements. With the vArmour Distributed Security System in place, the bank has gained workload-level security control, and now has the entire SWIFT application stack microsegmented from the rest of their environment in anticipation of upcoming SWIFT Customer Security Program mandates in January 2018. Furthermore, the vArmour microsegmentation solution was deployed without the need for additional security firewalls, and thus avoided the cost and complexity of a network redesign to achieve workload-level controls and compliance.


  • Gained application-level security controls through microsegmentation
  • Consolidated controls across physical and virtual environments
  • Separated regulated vs non-regulated applications for SWIFT compliance

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