"What we’ve seen in introducing vArmour is the speed that we can implement [security], because the business can’t wait for us to say it’s going to be one day, two days, four days, a week, to put their change in. We need to be so responsive and so agile in our behavior, and vArmour gives us a way to do that."

Ian Saggers

Global Head, IT Infrastructure, Equens

Equens Achieves Agile Security with vArmour and Atos

As Europe’s leading payment service provider, Equens enables 9.7 billion payment transactions per year. Delivering innovative, accurate, and reliable payment services across the European market requires responsive IT environments that not only transform the speed at which new solutions are deployed, but also set new standards for compliance and security operations.

One of Equens’ biggest challenges has been finding a solution to increase security visibility and control across data center applications and servers without sacrificing workload mobility. Traditional data center security operations could not support business speed, requiring hundreds of firewall and port updates for every change. Equens needed a more responsive security platform with the ability to set rules and policies around each workload, while allowing workloads to move around interchangeably across their environment.

“Atos brought us vArmour to help our journey from old school security models to the new digital platforms. As a result, we can see from a central point what is going on, from all the different systems, individual workloads, and platforms. It’s a security operations team’s dream.”

Equens realized after introducing vArmour they could support the speed needed to implement the solutions the business requires. Business can't afford to wait one, two, or four days. vArmour gives Equens the ability to get implementations for security operations done immediately.


At-a-glance data center security visibility from a single system

Workload-level policy control and simplified management

Unrestricted workload mobility and immediate security provisioning