"vArmour allows me to go back to the board and say we have next generation technology that allows a view into the flow of data at a much deeper level than ever before"

Jon Russell
SVP/CIO at John Muir Health

vArmour Protects Community's Information at John Muir Health

John Muir Health is a three-hospital Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) with approximately 6,000 employees. It has a thousand affiliated physicians for outpatient centers where a patient can see a primary care physician, get laboratory and radiology tests, and see specialists, all under one roof.

Due to its broad IDN and service coverage, John Muir has a repository of a tremendous amount of the community’s personal information which must be secured at the highest level possible. This includes having the ability to evaluate how traffic flows within their network, as well as into the cloud and other affiliated organizations to determine what is appropriate when data moves horizontally across the network.

“vArmour gave visibility into the network in a way that we had never seen," says Jon Russell, SVP and CIO, John Muir Health. "Their distributed security system allows John Muir Health to see the horizontal flow of traffic. vArmour allows us not only to get that baseline and see what’s happening within the network, but then it also allows us to take action and then create policy based on those actions, so they happen automatically going forward.”


  • Full East-West traffic visibility across the data center
  • Application behavior analytics for policy construction

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