"We’re moving away from the traditional way of working where we are concentrating on the perimeter firewalls; we are now applying policy and controlling traffic through microsegmentation, which is critical in today’s data center."

Shakeel Ahmed
Systems Analyst

vArmour Delivers Agile, Scalable Security to Waha Capital

Waha Capital is an Abu Dhabi-based investment company that manages assets across several sectors, including aircraft leasing, healthcare, financial services, energy, infrastructure, industrial real estate, and capital markets.

Digital disruption is changing the way Waha Capital is investing - from the full digitization of their critical capital markets platform to the utilization of business analytics and intelligence like never before. Similarly, digital disruption is driving innovation across Waha Capital’s IT infrastructure, with a focus on operational efficiency, accelerating service delivery, and improving total cost of ownership.

Waha Capital desired an agile, simple and scalable security solution to match its cutting-edge IT infrastructure. The ideal solution would microsegment critical systems and applications across their environment to minimize attack surfaces and improve compliance, while also having the flexibility to adapt to growing business demands.

Waha Capital spent considerable time and effort in identifying a suitable vendor to meet their requirements, which included layer 7 policy control for granular protection and the ability to deploy without making changes to their virtual network design. As a 100% software-based microsegmentation solution, the vArmour DSS Distributed Security System was a perfect match.

Upon deployment of vArmour DSS, Waha Capital gained immediate visibility across their operational environment, and was able to test and validate new security policies before moving them inline, without causing impact to the network. With vArmour in place, Waha Capital was able to segment critical systems and data inside their environment, and reduced the time to implement network security changes to just minutes - something that would have taken days or weeks with traditional hardware-centric approaches or complex SDN deployments.


  • Gained complete server-to-server traffic visibility where deployed
  • Reduced the time to deploy new security policies from days to minutes
  • Segmented critical environments without network design changes

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