"Using their microsegmentation, we are able to extend protection over the cloud and hyper-cloud. We are no longer constrained by our physical environment."

Ahmed Mohd. Kajoor
Head of IT Infrastructure

vArmour Secures Next-Gen Infrastructure at Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality is one of the largest governmental institutions in the Emirate of Dubai, leading the rapid growth of the region through innovative public services and a next-generation IT infrastructure built for future generations.

With new initiatives often requiring IT service delivery in a matter of weeks, Dubai Municipality needed to rebuild their infrastructure to accommodate rapid change. They required a solution that would increase the speed at which new services could be deployed, protect critical cloud-based services with microsegmentation, and support ever-increasing performance requirements.

Dubai Municipality selected the vArmour DSS Distributed Security System to secure and enhance the country’s state-of-the-art IT infrastructure into a fully orchestrated, software-defined environment.

Using vArmour’s distributed, software-based security architecture, Dubai Municipality is now able to monitor internal data center traffic and enforce application-layer policy between workloads, without diverting traffic to appliances for inspection. This has increased network capacity, improved detection speed and response capabilities, and enabled fine-grained segmentation controls across their environment. And, by seamlessly integrating vArmour DSS with existing orchestration tools, Dubai Municipality has reduced operational management costs and slashed the time required to provision security for new services from days to just clicks.


  • Increased operational agility to roll out new services by 200%
  • Reduced capital expenditures and operational management costs by 50%
  • Strengthened overall security of critical infrastructure

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