"Within 2 hours of deployment we saw our first behavior previously unforeseeable in our environment. We never had that level of visibility in our agile data center."

VP of IT
Fortune 100 Retailer

Top Fortune 100 Retailer Solves Visibility and PCI Challenges with vArmour

The online division of this $60B global retailer has three geographically dispersed data centers, hundreds of websites, and over 10,000 critical assets to protect across their continuously evolving cloud, private, virtual, and hybrid environments.

Divided networks and constantly migrating workloads rendered this retailer blind to laterally moving East-West traffic, making it impossible to detect a breach inside the data center. Furthermore, the company struggled to manage PCI compliance in their virtualized environment, with little to no segmentation between PCI and non-PCI assets and hundreds of cumbersome hypervisor policies that could not scale.

This company realized a new approach was needed to provide them with greater visibility into their East-West traffic and greater controls over their PCI assets. The company looked into other solutions, but none could support both virtual and physical environments on their own, and therefore they would have to invest in additional technologies, increasing the cost and complexity to manage.

Instead, they chose vArmour to provide a policy and threat defense fabric spanning across their physical, virtual, and cloud environments. With its software-based, distributed solution, vArmour continuously monitors all East-West traffic, and not only detects potential threats, but also contains them through workload-level segmentation.

Within the first two hours of deployment, they were able to identify unknown threat and compliance issues. After 24 hours, a total of 157 unique behaviors had been discovered and were quickly investigated. Microsegmentation allowed the retailer to isolate PCI and non-PCI assets, even on the same hypervisor, demonstrating PCI DSS 3.0 compliance and increasing security controls at each workload. Additionally, the original, costly, and time-consuming plan to re-architect their environment had been avoided and the company is realizing significant cost savings through new operational efficiencies.


  • Identification of unknown threats and compliance issues within hours
  • Isolation of virtualized PCI assets for PCI DSS 3.0 compliance
  • Extensive cost savings through simplified policy management
  • Full network visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud assets

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